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About this fundraiser:

Join in on the fun with the Janney Read-A-Thon! Now through March 17th (reading counts from 3/2 - 3/17)

Janney Elementary is one of the largest elementary schools in D.C. Despite that, the district funding is one of the lowest “per-head” of any elementary school in the city. Janney uses as much of its DCPS funding to pay for its teachers as possible, and relies on PTA funds to pay for pretty much everything else. We're unique in having art, music, technology, and Spanish classes for most grades, funded in part by the PTA. Janney is exceptional because of our beliefs, our role in the community, our people and our programs. Our students contribute to an atmosphere centered on respect, curiosity and diligence.

Ask friends, family and neighbors to pledge money for each minute you read, or a flat amount, like $20 or $40.

Prizes!! The top readers from each grade will win a gift card to Politics and Prose.

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